Worlds Apart - Together (1994) album cover

REVIEW: ‘Together’ by Worlds Apart (CD, 1994)

Todays’ POP RESCUE is the 1994 Worlds Apart album, ‘Together’, but should you keep it near, or opt for a long-distance relationship? Read on…

Diana Ross - A Very Special Season (1994) album

REVIEW: ‘A Very Special Season’ by Diana Ross (CD, 1994)

Today’s festive POP RESCUE is the 1994 Diana Ross album ‘A Very Special Season’, but was this album full of cheer or would it send you to sleep on the sofa? Read on..

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas (1994) album

REVIEW: ‘Merry Christmas’ by Mariah Carey (CD, 1994)

Today’s POP RESCUE from a fate unknown, is the 1994 ‘Merry Christmas’ album from Mariah Carey, but was it all we wanted, or should we keep the receipt? Read on…